Property Evaluation

Determining an accurate asking price for your property is critical. A property's asking price should be reflective of the current market value and less based on how much was invested in the property or what the property cost initially. Most of the buyers today are savy and for the most part know if a property is overpriced.

A property not priced correctly will often drive buyers away and will increase the amount of time the property stays on the market. As a result buyers may wonder "why it hasn't sold yet" and "what is wrong with the property". Similarly if your asking price is too low you will end up selling your property less that it is actually worth in today's market.

If you are thinking about selling your property or just curious about your properties value, please complete the market evaluation form below. I offer a complimentary, confidential, no obligation comparative market report of your property. I will determine an approximate value range based on unique characteristics of your property, your square footage, what has recently sold in your area and the current market conditions.




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